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Looking to make contact with other Muslimahs who are like myself with small children living or will be living in a foreign country.

I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello stranger....

Hello, stranger.... it was an experience briefly chatting with you today although our conversation lacked "feeling". Inner intuition is telling me one thing but I won't put it out there for the world to scrutinize... I'm no psychoanalyst nor do I desire to be but there seems to be more than a few things going on- remember, I'm ALWAYS available whenever you want to talk... my door will NEVER close:

You wander as a lonely

Each day you wake up with a frown
Rumours keep spreading around town
That you’re suffering a mental breakdown

A solitary walk you walk
A lonely talk you talk
As you wander as a lonely

You wander as a lonely at night
You wander as a lonely on sight
You wander as a lonely at day
You wander as a lonely and pray
You wander as a lonely each day

Slow down, slow down
Shut down, shut down

Shutdown the lonely before you drown
Embrace your friends with warmth
They can give you assistance
Deliver you from your lonely existence

You keep fighting love
Bending it around like a curve
With your glowering face
Reserving only a lonely place,
Halting happiness to arrive in your life

Do you ever stop to wonder?
Do you ever stop to ponder?
Are you the reason for the lonely blunders?

Slow down, slow down
Shut down, shut down

Remove from your head that lonely crown
You wander endlessly as a lonely
Searching for a spot called homely
But your face is missing that vital smile called lovely

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

Happiness Is Not Comforts

Does happiness depend upon comfort?

The answer is definitely a big, No!
Happiness lies in not comforts alone!
Happiness is not a static quality of the human mind, body and soul.

All can’t remain happy all the time.
It would be foolishness to wish for a life, filled with happiness alone;
Happiness is more when woes come in-between.
Happiness is just a feeling weird!

Life could become boring and monotonous, when happiness is prolonged.
Even the pauper can be happier than the prince.
Even the beggar smiles and sleeps well, despite much strife.

Happiness is a frame of mind that’s dynamic in nature;
Happiness is a kind of mood of feeling very well;
Happiness is a state of one, when life seems worth living;
Happiness is something strange that varies with time, experience and wisdom.

Happiness is all within;
Happiness is in giving;
Happiness is in sharing;
Happiness is the ceiling, whatever you fix!

Happiness does not wholly depend on comforts;
Happiness cannot be bought by money;
Happiness is not all luxury;
Happiness is abstract to the core!

Happiness is in being child-like, though adult;
Happiness is in making and seeing the less fortunate ones, smile;
Happiness is in acting adult-like, although a child
Happiness is in giving something to someone, although you still need it.

Happiness is in sacrificing for others’ sake;
Happiness is in giving up your chance to someone, who most needs it;
Happiness is in doing acts of charity;
Happiness is when you’ve led a righteous life.

Happiness to some is in dreams alone;
Happiness to some doing risky feats;
Happiness to a few is in a sheer lazy life;
Happiness to some is in yeoman service to mankind.

Happiness is a phenomenon;
Happiness is a quirk of fate;
Happiness is quite rare and scarce at times;
Happiness to some is in living in a virtual world!

Happiness is in braving the storms of life;
Happiness is in toiling for others’ sakes;
Happiness is in sharing your talents and ken;
Happiness is in loving your poor brethren.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 6-15-2008

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