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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Donations for Israel

I just received a very interesting text message that I wanted to share with everyone:

"Fwd: Starbucks and McDonalds are donating their next 2 weeks of earned revenue to Israel. Please BOYCOTT them and forward this message to everyone you know..."

Now, remember that could be YOUR country that was being bombed... your Mother, Father, sister, brother or innocent child(ren) being slaughtered for no reason- let's not take our freedom(s) for granted.

Even if you hate every Muslim on the face of the earth and everything we stand for, you must agree that we're all human and those poor people DO NOT deserve what has been happening to them. Any person with a quater of a brain and any kind of heart could see that this is genocide taking place while the WHOLE WORLD sits back and watch... shame on us all

******* People take a look at this link below and do what YOU will with the information as I WILL NOT engage in a debate with ANYONE over this topic, so don't bother yourselves too much. If you choose to ignore it, than so be it- if you figure you might be able to divert any more harm to those people in Palestine, then act on it- the choice is yours *******
Please check out Ange's post here on some companies that are owned and/or operated or their affiliation- enough said


*~Ange~* said...

WTF does israel need donations for?

Empress Anisa said...

Ange- do you think the "alleged" 3 BILLION dollar grant the US give them EVERY YEAR is enough? That's chump change... they need MORE

Anisah said...

ok..but.I wonder why there is no proof of this??or is there?
not that I frequent these places anyway :)

B.C. Dub said...

This is a lame bogus mass txt message. There is no information given by either company describing such an action. Try this...Google the words Israel, McDonald's, Starbucks, and donation together. The only thing you'll find is people talking about this mass text message...nothing else. Besides being borderline illegal without the consent of the majority of their shareholders, such a move would cripple the image of these companies in the public eye. But even IF they were going to make such a donation, whats really wrong with that? Would people still call a boycott if they were making the donation to Palestinian interests? Of course not, yet both sides are equally wrong in the conflict and advocate hate and violence towards each other. McDonald's and Starbucks SHOULD be boycotted, but only because they are evil corporate entities sucking the life out of the global economy by directing huge somes of the world's money to a FEW extremely rich individuals who will not return the majority of their wealth to the economy, but will rather hoard it in well padded bank accounts. Think before you post or send txt messages, don't let others think for you.

Empress Anisa said...

B.C.. do what YOU will with the info I provided. And you very well don't know me, I definitely think for myself.
Have a great day- oh yeah, thanks for stopping by....

Metalheadkicks said...

I totally agree there is no reason for this foolish message to be spread, in my city many muslims own and run these franchisies, why the hell should they suffer?? May Allah show us all the right way.. Ameen!

Hajar said...

There has been much talk about this issue over here. Btw, I just did a quick post and linked yours to it since it instigated me to write one of my own. Likewise, I shall not debate on it either. :)

Empress Anisa said...

Hajar- yes, I read your post... it's sad state the world is in today and whatever little bit we all can do to help may make some sort of difference.
I feel for those innocent people who are being slaughtered without just cause

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

ive boycotted them time ago
its not like they are some sort of essentials
if u wnt burgers go
anywhere u want udnt hve 2 go mcdonalds
and same for if u wnt coffee
anyways salaam sister
i reali luv ur blog :)

hijabee said...

I'm really angry, but like I said in my new post, Im not even angry at Israil anymore! I feel so hopeless and helpless... Ya Allah, you are the only one they have, help them!

hijabee said...

You've been tagged

Karen said...

I agree with B.C Dub... these hoaxes get started and spread like wildfire. I did some research and can't find anything substantiating this.

Inspired Muslimah said...

This is good to know. I spend SOO much at starbucks

Hajar said...

I've tagged you. :)

Rachel said...

I don't believe it.

Yasmeen said...

I'm glad I never go to either of the places.

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum:

This viral email is not true and has no basis. We Muslims should not be spreading it around. See my blog; I made a post on it.

Your blog is so beautiful, sis, Masha Allah! I came here from Hijabee in DC!

heena said...


Empress Anisa i am really impressed with your blogs.

Well just by searching for something i came to your blog and really liked them.

I would really like to be in touch with you.

I am Heena from india.

I was searching for your email or so to be in contact.

I really look forwad to hear from you.

Empress Anisa said...

Saffiyah- read your post, thanks for the info... nice of you to stop by!

Heena- I don't have my email posted on my blog so whatever the question, you can post it here and if I feel it warrants my email, then I will give it to you... many thanks

Mysterious said...

Dear Friends,

i noticed that you are doubting if this boycott emails is true or not.

and many of you said that they have searched but faild to find any connection.

what am gonna post will proof that there is a connection and they are trying to hide it so check it and let me know what do you think and if you feel its true plz try to spread the words :)
bye the way its a mag i'm trying to publish every where.

Dear Friends,

i came tonight and started checking some of the news about Gaza, frankly this causing me a horrible pain especially i cant do more than donating trying to support them.

in most of the Arabic web sites and msg forums beside e-mails i noticed many voices asking to boycott American goods that support israel.

i concentrated on Starbucks, maybe because a very close friend is one of their loyal customers although i have been trying to stop him for long.

beside noticing so many question marks from the west asking if its real that Starbucks is one of the oldest and best supporters for israel.

although i already know about them but i decided to proof it.

now lets begin with the latest facts
Starbucks is denying any support to israel in their web site submitted in January 5, 2009 as its mentioned there

so far this can make us feel better and trust them beside ignoring the silly boycott calls :)

but this didn't convince me because i already know they received a recommendation of the support from israel so lets check it and proof their lie and their weak and old style.

in their last updated awards page which become a very long list so they made it in a PDF there is nothing about israel, although it was updated in Feb 2008

now open the next link and you will be disappointed that there is no mention of israel so all the boycott calls isnt true ( this one was modified in 2004 )

and this is the newest one updated in 2008

so far there nothing connecting Starbucks with israel so,
in this case i decided to visit an old friend i always enjoy surfing pages and web sites there which can show how a certain web site was before.

in the main page and searching for this
will lead to a list of old dates for the same link which is the same link for the 2004 list above but when you search in and click take me back you will be able to see a list of the same page but in before the day i'm posting this

this is the result of the search*/

in 2001 so many called for a boycott and Starbucks received so many attacks and its obvious this is the reason they removed what you gonna see if you will click this specific date

Apr 28 2001

this is the direct link

maybe some will disagree doing all of this to show that they removed an award they received from a jews educational institution, but in this case i have a question about why to remove this precious award from their list as long it dosnt mean anything or leading that starbucks is supporting israel.

if you see it true it deserve to share with others please do and let the whole world know some facts they need to change the way we consider whats going in Gaza these days and what happened before in Palestine and Lebanon before.

thank you for being patient reading :)