The daily chronicle of my family as we embark on our quest to relocate from New York to Cairo... the impending journey to get there and the daily lives of myself, my husband and our four children... and other random thoughts while living in Cairo!

Looking to make contact with other Muslimahs who are like myself with small children living or will be living in a foreign country.

I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am sooo undeserving of this honor...

I was giving the award by my beautiful sister, Hijabee and I dunno if I exactly deserve such a thing- a newbie blogger like myself... but when I write, it comes straight from the heart. I can say she, being Hijabee, is an inspiration to me- she is well-spoken, appears to be even-keeled, insightful sister who writes with a passion that you can feel (anybody remember her short story?)... and I'm glad to have had the chance to know her. If anyone deserves this award, my sister, it's you! (hugs & kisses)

So... I must nominate 10 others out in our little blog world- the choices aren't easy as there are many great bloggers out there- some have been nominated already and some will appear as a repeat on my list:

Moma Mona: A very nice sister who lives in Egypt who reached out to me to inform me of what to expect there... and not to expect (and the loads of stuff to bring!). I love reading about her and her beautiful children, MashaAllah

Cool Guy Muslim blog: This brother has no nonsense posts... all about info on Islam and all quite insightful. You wanna learn something you might not have known? Check him out!

Desert Monsoon: I appreciate this sister's quirky style of writing- I get a good chuckle every time I read one of her passages. And we've chatted more than a few times... she's definitely a great sister to know!

Desert Veil: Her post are a good mixture of personal issues, world affairs and other random things... that's what I like about reading her blog, you can't guess what she'll write about next so it keeps things interesting

Hijabi Couture: This sister is TRULY one in a million! What a sweet, loving persona! We have chatted constantly back and forth thru email and I can tell you, she's a unique lady. Her sewing skills are definitely on point! She made a fabulous Eid outfit for me (which everyone loved!) and she just completed yet another nice order for me today... ladies, check out her things and give her a holla- you won't be disappointed! So what she's in Morocco!!! (its worth it) lol

My Baking Addiction: This blogger named Jamie has a beautiful site! The recipes are wonderful and she gives you the links to the actual site to make them yourself. For all those who enjoy baking, check her out

Inspired Muslimah: She's such a sweet sister... I don't know exactly what to say about her- I appreciate her honesty and she comes across as a truly genuine person. She's a new Muslimah- and she's got her head on right! Stay the course, my humble sister!

Seeking Serenity: Another sweet sister with her head on her shoulders right! Her blog is also a good mixture of personal issues, fashion and the sorts. Keep it up!

The Striving Muslimah: Umm Khadijah's blog is fabulous... another blog full of insightful, beneficial information for us sisters. A mixture of news, Islam, poems and personal posts. Definitely worth reading...

Umm Ismail: This no nonsense sister (lol) has 2 blogs but "Blaque Queen" is the latest... very informative (learned a few things I didn't know over there) and all about Islam- no fluff included. Issues covered range from dealing with husbands, to how to treat your children, Islamic books, Islamic stories, Islamic knowledge and beautiful poems. She's another sister I have had the pleasure of chatting with extensively- definitely a sister with a good heart, MashaAllah.

Even though I have listed my ten people, this list could NOT be complete without mentioning Umm Travis. I know she has been giving this honor twice today but her blog is full of passion... and even though, we both know we don't always agree on some issues, (*hugs*) at the end of the day, we have TOTAL understanding of each other- and that counts for everything! I love you, my sister, for the pleasure of Allah!

Remember to pass this honor onto 10 people of your own... would love to see how many other great blogs are out there we haven't had the pleasure of reading yet!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been tagged!

I couldn't help but post this pic... this Native American baby looks almost exactly like my Little Papi!

I've been tagged by my humble sis, Hijabee, so here are my answers:

NOTE: You have to add one additional "favorite" thing to the end of the list when you answer

Favorite color: Black

Favorite perfume (guys): Issey Miyake... ultra sexy? any attar my hubby wears! ;)

Favorite perfume (girls): the classic Calyx by Prescriptives

Favorite pj brand: Any

Favorite clothes brand in general: Gap

Favorite person in the entire world: Me! LOL... just kidding- my babies!

Favorite country: Barbados (so many vacations there... loads of memories)

Favorite car: R350 (perfect family vehicle)

Favorite sport: baseball

Favorite sport player: none

Favorite spot in America: toss up between Savannah, Georgia and Boston

Favorite animal: birds (to me, bliss is hearing them sing in the morning)

Favorite movie: Indian: Devdas - American: Scarface

Favorite singer: none now although I really used to love Jill Scott

Favorite day in the week: Fridays!

Favorite time of the day: Evening

Favorite holiday season: Summer

Favorite number: 21

Favorite food: Lobster tails

Favorite chocolate: Godiva (especially truffles)

Favorite cartoon: as a child, Tom & Jerry

Favorite blogger: none (actually many are good- cant choose)

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip

Favorite Mobile Brand: My Blackberry Curve- cant be without it!

Favorite name: my hubbys!

Favorite hobby: Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Favorite room in my house: Bedroom

Favorite Fruit: toss up: Mangos and Cherries!

And I add: Favorite flower: Calla lily

I tag the following sisters:
Beautiful Muslimah
Desert Monsoon
Desert Veil
Inspired Muslimah
Seeking Serenity

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In relaxation mode...

I feel the need to kick back and relax... in spite of all the boxes, clothes, books, food and other miscellaneous items sitting in the middle of house beckoning for my attention! I'm sooo tired of looking at this stuff... I feel as if I haven't even made a dent. So here we are amongst the books tonight that need to be boxed up so I started reading some of my favorite quotes (I'm a quote loving girl).....
Tonight's featured writer: Aristole
-All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire.

-All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.

-All virtue is summed up in dealing justly

-Man perfected by society is the best of all animals; he is the most terrible of all when he lives without law, and without justice.

-The moral virtues, then, are produced in us neither by nature nor against nature. Nature, indeed, prepares in us the ground for their reception, but their complete formation is the product of habit

-We are what we repeatedly do

-I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who overcomes his enemies

-Piety requires us to honor truth above our friends

-To enjoy the things we ought and to hate the things we ought has the greatest bearing on excellence of character.

And one of my all time favorites:

-It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My heart is bleeding....

If you have a weak stomach or can't take extreme graphics, don't click the link for what you will see will surely make you ill... our sister Lazeena has a very disturbing post that needs to be seen by as many people as possible so they can see what those animals are doing in Gaza- I shouldn't even disgrace the animals with the association... they are the vilest things to slither around on the face of this earth.

Click here
I definitely didn't see this story on Al-Jazeera's site before I commented on how it looks like the US gave the savages the "green light" to do as they please since the government is about to change hands- check this story out:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy behind the veil?

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to my very outspoken sister-girl last night and we discussed a few things that are going on under the umbrella of Islam but all it is are sick people succumbing to their own desires/wants/needs.

Here are a few interesting things that are currently going on out there with sisters... and even though it might sound funny, these are truly some very serious issues:

- A sister marry a kaffir thinking that he loves you (because he tells you so) so you go to civil court and marry but yet he NEVER converts;

- When your husband decides he would like to make an "undesirable" a housewife and a Muslim (just so he could have her)... and you totally agree(?);

- A sister who walks around constantly saying "My husband says..."- the Case of the Husband Sayers and what he SAYS is not Islamically correct anyway;

- Or the husband wants another wife he KNOWS he can't afford (but all the other brothers have 'em) so to make YOU feel good, he'll allow you to pick her for him, online... tsk tsk;

- Or your husband have you and other wives but yet all are on public assistance and yet still making babies like pouring Kool-Aid? And most of these men DON'T work... and somebody correct me if I'm wrong, isn't this haram? Aren't you to marry what you can support???

- You don't wear hijab because your husband say so or the new one going "he's scared for your safety";

- "My husband beats me because he loves me"... immediate psychotherapy required!

- The husband can't find a job (most of them don't want one) so he makes one wife go to work and the other stay and take care of all the kids and make them all live in one house... and his function is?????

- Or the brother who has multiple wives and to cut down on his "running around" to keep time equal between them feels it's easier to sleep with ALL of them AT ONCE? AstaghfirAllah....

I don't know about the current state of some of our Muslimahs today- as I hear, these are real, live issues that are on the forefront in some of their lives... and what exactly do any of these things have to do with our glorious religion? Or even legislated for that matter? If someone knows something I don't, please enlighten me...

If you see or know a sister going through anything remotely similar to above, sit her down and TALK to her, I think she needs your help.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What will you teach your children???

It seems there's not much love in this world of ours... we are in a sad, pittiful state! We need to teach our children the right things so they grow with acceptance, tolerance of others and respect for mankind:

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.

If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.
If a child lives with jealousy, he learns to feel guilty.
If a child lives with fairness, he learns to justice.
If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith.
-Dorothy Nolte

What will you teach YOUR children???????????

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Random things about me.... oh boy.........

Okay, I've been tagged by my wonderful sisters, Hijabee and Hajar so here's my imput for 10 random things about me:

1.) When talking, I HATE to have to repeat myself... an old pet peeve I can not let go of- I get irritated if I have to (also when you talk to people and they don't look at you... ugh!)

2.) I dislike very much when people call, let the answer machine pick up, and DON'T leave a message (then I have to check caller ID to see who it was = annoying)... I mean, what kind of psychotic thing is that?

3.) I don't like not being able to "handle" a situation... me, a definite total control freak!

4.) LOVE shopping... not so much for myself but for my babies and others especially when I know they like certain things- more like a "pleasant surprise" gift

5.) Dislike when things are out of order... meaning not in its proper place (always mumbling something about this to the hubby)

6.) Love to escape the city for the country (or even better, the ocean!)... green grass, wide open spaces and vast oceans is for me!

7.) Love to cook and have gatherings with my friends... food tends to relax most of us and I like to feed people... especially to be able to see them smile and laugh with their friends- I'm the definite party coordinator!

8.) I love to drive fast cars... had 1 or 2 of them growing up and I always thought I would race them on a track one day as a hobby (NOT!)(lol)

9.) People always put me "in charge" or hold me as some "authority" figure (yeah, right)... from the time I was old enough to REALLY know myself, this has been my role- always "You're smart, so we'll let Anisa take care of it!" or "They'll definitely listen to you, you tell them!" or "Let's ask Anisa to see what SHE says..." or the classic "I think they all scared of you, you do it..." ... hence one of my biggest roles in life

10.) I'm the usual "go to person" for just about everything... with living life, people have ALWAYS come to me as I've been "around" and know where to get just about anything under the sun (well, not really everything but you get the picture... lol)- always, "If anyone knows, Anisa knows..." hence one of my other bigger roles in life

Okay, so I tag the following sisters: a learning Muslimah, Beautiful Muslimah, Desert Monsoon, Desert Veil, Halal Honey, the Striving Muslimah and Thru My Muslim Eyes.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Donations for Israel

I just received a very interesting text message that I wanted to share with everyone:

"Fwd: Starbucks and McDonalds are donating their next 2 weeks of earned revenue to Israel. Please BOYCOTT them and forward this message to everyone you know..."

Now, remember that could be YOUR country that was being bombed... your Mother, Father, sister, brother or innocent child(ren) being slaughtered for no reason- let's not take our freedom(s) for granted.

Even if you hate every Muslim on the face of the earth and everything we stand for, you must agree that we're all human and those poor people DO NOT deserve what has been happening to them. Any person with a quater of a brain and any kind of heart could see that this is genocide taking place while the WHOLE WORLD sits back and watch... shame on us all

******* People take a look at this link below and do what YOU will with the information as I WILL NOT engage in a debate with ANYONE over this topic, so don't bother yourselves too much. If you choose to ignore it, than so be it- if you figure you might be able to divert any more harm to those people in Palestine, then act on it- the choice is yours *******
Please check out Ange's post here on some companies that are owned and/or operated or their affiliation- enough said

LOL... I think I have a headache....

Assalaam 'Alaikum sisters (and "hello" to you other readers):

People, I posted this as a comment on my last post, but for those who may not see it: there is a beautiful poem over at Umm Ismail's newer blog that I think ALL should read...

Enough said... geesh

Friday, January 2, 2009

Do you REALLY love your sister?

I was just having a very refreshing chat with a sister and we touched on the subject as to whether or not sisters really love each other... because I know, if you really love your sister like you claim to, you won't "sugar coat" the truth to make her feel good and not "pull her up" when she's wrong. I mentioned in another post of mine I believe or in the comments of one of my post that here, where I live, when one of us is wrong, a sister or group will call you on your mistake- now, some of us a VERY tight so sometimes the words may seem to be a bit "rude" for others but we understand each other... we know that the sister is addressing the issue(s) because she loves her sister and don't want her to err- it's not about getting an attitude and giving people the "cold shoulder". We call it "constructive criticism". Please tell me... exactly how do you benefit from people telling you lies to make you feel good? Some people WANT to be pacified... and sorry, we tend to call them like we see them so I guess we're not a good group if you're looking for "feel good" friends..... :o

Love for your sister what you would love for yourself... if you love her, tell her the truth- she may NOT appreciate it then but if she a true sister and realize her mistake(s) then it was worth it in the end. It's not be rude but state your concern(s) with love and tactfulness that she may see where she went wrong. And she should thank you, if not aloud, in her heart. And if you're the type of person who allow your sister to continually make the same mistakes in her actions, words and/or behavior without correcting her, then know you are definitely not your "sister's keeper" and most infinitely not her friend...

My personal philosophy is "never co-sign garbage"... and I plan to teach my kids the same, InshaAllah- some may not appreciate your "direct" approach as most are accustomed to people telling them things to make them look or feel good when they themselves KNOW they're wrong, but in the end, you'll know that you did the right thing. That Muslimahs, is REAL love......

Hello stranger....

Hello, stranger.... it was an experience briefly chatting with you today although our conversation lacked "feeling". Inner intuition is telling me one thing but I won't put it out there for the world to scrutinize... I'm no psychoanalyst nor do I desire to be but there seems to be more than a few things going on- remember, I'm ALWAYS available whenever you want to talk... my door will NEVER close:

You wander as a lonely

Each day you wake up with a frown
Rumours keep spreading around town
That you’re suffering a mental breakdown

A solitary walk you walk
A lonely talk you talk
As you wander as a lonely

You wander as a lonely at night
You wander as a lonely on sight
You wander as a lonely at day
You wander as a lonely and pray
You wander as a lonely each day

Slow down, slow down
Shut down, shut down

Shutdown the lonely before you drown
Embrace your friends with warmth
They can give you assistance
Deliver you from your lonely existence

You keep fighting love
Bending it around like a curve
With your glowering face
Reserving only a lonely place,
Halting happiness to arrive in your life

Do you ever stop to wonder?
Do you ever stop to ponder?
Are you the reason for the lonely blunders?

Slow down, slow down
Shut down, shut down

Remove from your head that lonely crown
You wander endlessly as a lonely
Searching for a spot called homely
But your face is missing that vital smile called lovely

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

Happiness Is Not Comforts

Does happiness depend upon comfort?

The answer is definitely a big, No!
Happiness lies in not comforts alone!
Happiness is not a static quality of the human mind, body and soul.

All can’t remain happy all the time.
It would be foolishness to wish for a life, filled with happiness alone;
Happiness is more when woes come in-between.
Happiness is just a feeling weird!

Life could become boring and monotonous, when happiness is prolonged.
Even the pauper can be happier than the prince.
Even the beggar smiles and sleeps well, despite much strife.

Happiness is a frame of mind that’s dynamic in nature;
Happiness is a kind of mood of feeling very well;
Happiness is a state of one, when life seems worth living;
Happiness is something strange that varies with time, experience and wisdom.

Happiness is all within;
Happiness is in giving;
Happiness is in sharing;
Happiness is the ceiling, whatever you fix!

Happiness does not wholly depend on comforts;
Happiness cannot be bought by money;
Happiness is not all luxury;
Happiness is abstract to the core!

Happiness is in being child-like, though adult;
Happiness is in making and seeing the less fortunate ones, smile;
Happiness is in acting adult-like, although a child
Happiness is in giving something to someone, although you still need it.

Happiness is in sacrificing for others’ sake;
Happiness is in giving up your chance to someone, who most needs it;
Happiness is in doing acts of charity;
Happiness is when you’ve led a righteous life.

Happiness to some is in dreams alone;
Happiness to some doing risky feats;
Happiness to a few is in a sheer lazy life;
Happiness to some is in yeoman service to mankind.

Happiness is a phenomenon;
Happiness is a quirk of fate;
Happiness is quite rare and scarce at times;
Happiness to some is in living in a virtual world!

Happiness is in braving the storms of life;
Happiness is in toiling for others’ sakes;
Happiness is in sharing your talents and ken;
Happiness is in loving your poor brethren.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 6-15-2008

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trying to raise our daughters with mirror images of themselves

I've started to take my daughter with me more frequently when I shop and I'm starting to see what she's looking at when we go to the mall or the supermarket. Now, I let her pick DVD's for her and her brother to watch- always either Diego, Dora, the Backyardigans or Elmo and she has a few Barbie movies... and I notice her looking at all the "big girls" when we go out and even at the age of 4, she has begun to take notice of what they're wearing. One day, when we were walking she said, "Mommy, look at her hair!" as the girl hair was very long like hers, MashaAllah and "I like her pants..." which the girl had on a pair of decorated jeans. So it made me realize truly how early we need to start to "instruct" our girls with the proper way of covering herself. Now, we started to put hijab on her just a little before she turned 2, not full time but to get her used to the idea of wearing it. Now that she's 4, she knows what it's all about... there are some days when she'll say to me, "Mommy, I don't wanna wear it today!"- these are the days when we paid a visit to the Dominican salon for her monthly deep condition and "blow out"- if any of you know about it or ever had one, you definitely know there's nothing else out there like it! But for the most part she doesn't protest about putting it on and on some days when the house is crazy and I'm trying to get everybody out to get some place on time, she'll even remind ME by yelling, "Mommy, you forgot my hijab!!!"... MashaAllah.

It made me start to think about all the images they see on a daily basis and how even when we think they're not listening, their little ears hear ALL things.... on more than one occasion while driving, if I had an episode of "road rage" and called someone an "ignorant donkey", she would say to me "Mommy, why did you say that? That's not nice...."- and she's right. That's when I catch myself and tell her Mommy was wrong and that wasn't a nice thing to say and that I'm sorry. She would say to me in return, "Mommy, okay, NOW you're being a good girl... excellent, Mommy!"- the phrase I always tell her when she corrects her behavior, subhanallah.

So I never bought her any dolls until recently as my husband IS NOT an advocate of them but as a Mom, I knew I grew up with too many to count so I wanted to her to have a few so she would be able to "play house" the same way I did coming up... so I bought her three Pottery Barn Kids dolls as she fell in love with these particular ones when she saw their latest catalog in the house. While the dolls are fully dressed and look "normal" meaning not like those hoochie Bratz dolls, I said to myself I should find her something that would be more suitable for her as a little Muslimah- which started my quest for the beautiful Fulla doll. Now, I became familiar with the doll when it first came out but since she just came along and now she's starting to took at dolls, I thought I'd better be proactive and give her something to identify with in a positive way. When she visits her cousin's house in Long Island, she has more dolls than any one shelf in Toy'R'Us and they play with them for hours... including those provocative Bratz girlz... and I see she likes them as I sit there and watch her by the way she stares at them- NOT the image we want etched in that mind of hers!!!

We've also made it a practice of having her wear her abaya when she goes out to masjid so she can get used to that idea as well- and when I recently started researching where here in the US I could purchase the Fulla doll, I saw that you can get her in her abaya, in her prayer outfit, as a dentist, as a teacher and totally dressed up in a gown... just the thing I was looking for! They are quite costly but to me it's worth it- if I can buy her a non-Muslim PBK doll then I can pay a few more dollars to buy her something that she can identify her Mom, my friends and her little friend's Mommies with... properly covered and wearing a hijab! Even when I showed my 2 year old, Big Papi, the Fulla doll, he exclaimed, "That's Mommy!"...

MashaAllah, she LOVES wearing niqab when we visit one of my girlfriend's house or when my best friend is around, she'll take the niqab and put it on herself! At home since I don't wear one, she improvises by taking my inside scarf and tying it around her face... InshaAllah, I hope in the future she elects to wear one... she would look sooooo beautiful (MashaAllah). They need to make a Fulla doll complete with niqab!!!

Just jotting this down to remind myself and any of you sisters out there with daughters that they are sooooo much more aware than we realize and we need to be more diligent with showing our daughters to guard their beauty by covering properly- early intervention saves a WHOLE lot of headache later...