The daily chronicle of my family as we embark on our quest to relocate from New York to Cairo... the impending journey to get there and the daily lives of myself, my husband and our four children... and other random thoughts while living in Cairo!

Looking to make contact with other Muslimahs who are like myself with small children living or will be living in a foreign country.

I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

There's NO place like home....

Well, I have about 3 minutes to sit at the moment and I've been thinking about my beloved home for the last few days... and I started to look at pics and the mind started to drift away- thinking about normalcy, family life, friends, GOOD food, cleanliness, wide open spaces, fresh air, the beautiful ocean, the vast cultures all co-existing in that huge melting pot called New York!

Eventually, most of us can learn to adapt to our surroundings at some point and time, while others may NEVER be able to adapt at all- this is LIFE and we're all built differently. What I can take and make a joke out of it, some may feel bitter resentment and hate things even more- and no one behavior is right or wrong- how we cope is part of who we are..... I must tell you the obvious: visiting is one thing but when you're forced to live the day-to-day in this forsaken place called Egypt, it's not easy. The biggest problem I feel is how people put their "culture" before religion- to most of them, this is what it's all about. We're ALL to be the same, regardless of where we come from... and this is what we as Muslims are taught and THOUGHT... be here, this is not necessarily the case- you are the OUTSIDER and most will NOT let you forget it. Forget about being brothers and sisters in the most glorious religion on this earth: you're from where YOU are and we're EGYPTIAN- so stupid. And if I could speak a lick of the local slang dialect, I would ask: what exactly IS IT to be EGYPTIAN??? Not to rant, but most feel for some really odd reason that they're better than us... and how so do I ask? Is it the ancient culture that have absolutely nothing to do with you nowdays... or is it the country that you so disgustingly neglect in almost every way imaginable??? I must tell you, I have had alot of contact with some very nice Egyptian people here and even they agree: their people have some serious issues.... and alot of them don't even like us, Muslim or not- but if you stop and think, if people like us from ALL over this world didn't come here for one reason or another whether it be to live indefinitely, study for a period of time, vacation, buy property,etc. what ELSE EXACTLY WOULD BE GOING ON HERE??? I will tell you... nothing.
In my lifetime, I have mixed and mingled in many different circles: rich, poor, middle class, no class, super highly educated, no education whatsoever, average education, morons and uber-intelligent so I know HOW to hang with the good, the bad and the indifferent. I have tried to immerse myself somewhat with understanding the mentality of the locals to which some things I have figured WHY they do what they do but still again, most stuff you just can't understand WHY... and even their own have said so- to me! But I think the biggest problem is all the boisterous pride, the blatant ignorance and the moronic arrogance and the REAL belly buster: the huge aire of SUPERIORITY that they try to "flaunt" in your face (this one I really laugh at) but I ask you, WHY? Maybe some Egyptian sisters care to comment so maybe people like myself living here can get a better handle on what we're dealing with or HOW to deal with the natives. I truly want to understand since I do plan to stay, InshaAllah, but to co-exist like this IS NOT condusive. I can honestly say, I wouldn't advise anyone to come here UNLESS you've been here and know what you might be facing in the long run. I want to make it bearable not perfect- to be able to look at the natives and feel like I belong here and they ARE my brothers and sisters... not the things that run through my mind when I'm faced with the uncalled-for idiotic behavior (Astagfiruallah)- you're not hurting me but you're making yourself and your people look bad... think about it. Because I know, at the end of the day, I CAN pack my bags and hop a flight back to my native land- no questions asked... but is this the solution? WHY shouldn't I be able to stay and feel like one of them? A person, a sister, a Muslim and still yet know I am a foreigner? I've heard MANY things over the years about what people think about the people here and I said to myself, they shouldn't say things like that: they ARE people just like us- but until you have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, don't judge- living here for 3 months have put things into perspective as to WHY they've said what they have- and I can't fault them. But I don't want negative feelings and total resentment be my memory of living in this country- I want to walk away whenever I leave, with a positive experience and be able to say, I lived amongst my brothers and sisters and it was good! I don't want to report that the experiences were all bad: they're HUGE liars, thieves, arrogant, ignorant and such- even writing that doesn't look NOR feel good- but this has been most of the interactions here so far- I can totally relate to Umm Travis's gripe. For those who might think she complains- life here everyday is like this... imagine this being your daily fight... would YOU feel good or even remotely "appreciate" the people? I think not. I want to understand the mode of thinking- someone "enlighten" me, please!!!
So, even though this place will be my home for some time to come, InshaAllah, I can't help but miss my beloved New York... I might be biased but it's one of the most beautiful places in the world! NO PLACE can EVER compare to it whether it be the wide open spaces, huge homes, friendly neighbors, landscaped lawns and uber-clean parks in Long Island or the hussle and bussle in one of the greatest cities that NEVER sleeps- New York has it all!

Maybe, if I close my eyes and click my heels three times, I might find myself in my old neighborhood: there's no place like home... there's no place like home... there's no place like home....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just here... for the moment.....

I've received sooooo many emails from people telling me to "come back!" and "I miss your posts!" and "I miss you!!!".... and I thank you all from the depths of my heart for not forgetting me! Well, my story is the same- but thank Allah, I've finally gotten the new flat to where everything I have is in it's right place- still waiting for my bloody boxes from Alex, though... but that is a whole other diaster. The good folks here decided in customs that I shipped too many things and that ALL of it couldn't be for me and my kids- like I brought my entire life here to sell! The nerve! The guts! The gall! And they charged me a HUGE HUGE fine as a penalty for sending my things here to set up my life- soooo very nice of them- a few THOUSAND US dollars.... thank you, Egypt. pfft..........

And I'm extremely exhausted still from the initial move, the move again and all the unpacking... and with my little hijabi Princess, Big Papi and Little Papi in tow, things haven't really slowed down much. And for those who don't know (only those who were closest to me have been privvy to the details) I'm expecting.... again! So, there's the other reason for all my tiredness- came here with my troops, alone and pregnant and trying to make it all work- even my ob/gyn here has told me he's in complete awe of me! Foreign land, no help, no hubby here at the moment, came alone with small children, moved, moved again... and all while very much pregnant and not feeling well. Well, me, I believe you do what you gotta do- at any cost so, there it is in a nutshell. If you see me, I look about 2-3 months OVERDUE but I'm not due until sometime this summer.... it's funny how much bigger the belly gets with each baby! Just to give you an idea: when I was pregnant with my first, the Hijabi Princess, everyone thought I was having twins and I even heard triplets... and you know how the belly expands with each one- so imagine what I look like now??? :)

The looks before when I wasn't so big was like "Maybe she's still carrying that baby belly from that baby on her hip" but now people just look at me like "???" and some are like "MashaAllah...." yes, I AM carrying a baby on my hip and VERY much pregnant- again.... HA!

I will try to post more now that things have calmed down some- take my new camera out the box finally so I can take some pics of some sites soon... I promise to post them- don't expect anything fancy... just random shots of stuff and life around Cairo.

Please make dua for me and all my babies... we're here and making it by Allah's (SWT) mercy- and I feel we just might be able to make it work here. I've found some good people, Alhumdulillah, to be in my camp so I think with my new network, I just might elect to stick around for awhile... not to give up just because of the sometime crazy culture that exists here and the extremely rude, arrogant people- and let's not forget the lot that feel that they have bigger, smarter brains than the rest of us but are very HIGHLY uneducated- makes me chuckle. Gotta take the bad with the good- I've also met some fabulous Egyptian sisters, MashaAllah- the kind I wanna be around: good, practising sisters who have it together: Islam over culture! I've decided to do my usual- laugh at the rest mentioned above and keep moving... stupid is as stupid does.... and my girlfriend from England who is married to a nice Egyptian, has explained some of the customs here to me- she also used to think most stuff was crazy but when you do dig a little deeper, you realize WHY they do some of the things they do and it makes sense when you stand back... but other stuff, you're still like ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anyhoo, time for tea and put Little Papi down for his morning nap- maybe we'll get a chance to go out and enjoy the weather today! I love you all, for the pleasure of Allah!