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Looking to make contact with other Muslimahs who are like myself with small children living or will be living in a foreign country.

I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just here... for the moment.....

I've received sooooo many emails from people telling me to "come back!" and "I miss your posts!" and "I miss you!!!".... and I thank you all from the depths of my heart for not forgetting me! Well, my story is the same- but thank Allah, I've finally gotten the new flat to where everything I have is in it's right place- still waiting for my bloody boxes from Alex, though... but that is a whole other diaster. The good folks here decided in customs that I shipped too many things and that ALL of it couldn't be for me and my kids- like I brought my entire life here to sell! The nerve! The guts! The gall! And they charged me a HUGE HUGE fine as a penalty for sending my things here to set up my life- soooo very nice of them- a few THOUSAND US dollars.... thank you, Egypt. pfft..........

And I'm extremely exhausted still from the initial move, the move again and all the unpacking... and with my little hijabi Princess, Big Papi and Little Papi in tow, things haven't really slowed down much. And for those who don't know (only those who were closest to me have been privvy to the details) I'm expecting.... again! So, there's the other reason for all my tiredness- came here with my troops, alone and pregnant and trying to make it all work- even my ob/gyn here has told me he's in complete awe of me! Foreign land, no help, no hubby here at the moment, came alone with small children, moved, moved again... and all while very much pregnant and not feeling well. Well, me, I believe you do what you gotta do- at any cost so, there it is in a nutshell. If you see me, I look about 2-3 months OVERDUE but I'm not due until sometime this summer.... it's funny how much bigger the belly gets with each baby! Just to give you an idea: when I was pregnant with my first, the Hijabi Princess, everyone thought I was having twins and I even heard triplets... and you know how the belly expands with each one- so imagine what I look like now??? :)

The looks before when I wasn't so big was like "Maybe she's still carrying that baby belly from that baby on her hip" but now people just look at me like "???" and some are like "MashaAllah...." yes, I AM carrying a baby on my hip and VERY much pregnant- again.... HA!

I will try to post more now that things have calmed down some- take my new camera out the box finally so I can take some pics of some sites soon... I promise to post them- don't expect anything fancy... just random shots of stuff and life around Cairo.

Please make dua for me and all my babies... we're here and making it by Allah's (SWT) mercy- and I feel we just might be able to make it work here. I've found some good people, Alhumdulillah, to be in my camp so I think with my new network, I just might elect to stick around for awhile... not to give up just because of the sometime crazy culture that exists here and the extremely rude, arrogant people- and let's not forget the lot that feel that they have bigger, smarter brains than the rest of us but are very HIGHLY uneducated- makes me chuckle. Gotta take the bad with the good- I've also met some fabulous Egyptian sisters, MashaAllah- the kind I wanna be around: good, practising sisters who have it together: Islam over culture! I've decided to do my usual- laugh at the rest mentioned above and keep moving... stupid is as stupid does.... and my girlfriend from England who is married to a nice Egyptian, has explained some of the customs here to me- she also used to think most stuff was crazy but when you do dig a little deeper, you realize WHY they do some of the things they do and it makes sense when you stand back... but other stuff, you're still like ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anyhoo, time for tea and put Little Papi down for his morning nap- maybe we'll get a chance to go out and enjoy the weather today! I love you all, for the pleasure of Allah!


queen said...

salam sis nice to have you back, congratulations too, i dont kniow if you are incredibly brave or mad, to be doing all of this whist being pregnant!! but one thing is that you are amazing to be doing all of this in the name of Allah, hijaab off to you lady!! and without your husband! Anyway glad to hear that you have settled down. look forward to your posts

Empress Anisa said...

Queen- lol... probably a bit more mad than anything else- but I sadi I would do it, so I stuck to my word- pregnant or not! Obviously, it wasn't the plan but Allah knows best and my Princess needs to start to school- we've already begun that crazy process here as well... they don't make things easy here AT ALL, let me tell ya!

I was just reading your post earlier, glad to had a little down time during the in-laws nap time... you can almost "see" the relaxation in your writing- good for you!

I love you sis, take care of you and your family! :)

Empress Anisa said...

Queen- me... always in a hurry to comment and move onto something else! I meant to say, I was glad to see you had a little down time during the in-laws nap... well, I guess I wouldn't be me without a typo! Who has time to check spelling???

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Hey, good to have you back! I love reading your blog...and congrats on the new pregnancy!

Coffee Catholic said...

I have one baby. Uno baby. And I'm struggling just to stay sane with one baby and her constant needs. LOL! And I haven't had to move anywhere. How you're able to be preggo + 3 kids ANNNND move to Egypt **and then** move to apartments twice without hubby to help with anything is totally beyond me!! I'd probably keel over and die.

Yasmeen said...

salaam sister,
Nice to hear from you.I feel exhausted with just 2 little ones tantrums.Mashallah you must have lot of patience managing all alone with kids.Congrats on becoming pregnant,May Allah make it easy for you.take care:)

Empress Anisa said...

Cairo, lusaka: Hey, it feels great to be back... I did miss sharing my little thoughts every now and then. Thanks for the congrats!

Coffee: Believe me, some days I felt like I WOULD keel over... there were one or two days I felt like literally passing out but when that happened, I told my driver take me home and I would lay out on the couch while the kids played to recoup. It has been very hard on the mental and physical since we arrived but Alhumdulillah, I'm in a much frame now so things have gotten easier. Yeah, and with the kids- most days they were soooooo naughty (especially on the days I felt like mudd) I wondered what did I do to deserve this... but what can you say as at the ages of 4 and 2, naughty is the norm! ;)

Yasmeen: Wa alaikum assalaam, sis! I can tell you, some days I have lost my cool with them but I've learned to walk away pretty much and come or send them to take a nap which usually what they needed in the first place. And both of them ALWAYS screaming... now my little guy does it cuz he hears his echo and thinks it's funny (bangs head against wall... again).
Love ya sis... and keep ur beautiful post coming, MashaAllah :)

Lisa said...

Alhamdulillah. I am so excited for you about the baby, and had no clue that your husband wasn't with you. I guess he stayed back to work?

You are doing so much sweet friend, and none of us would blame you for being away from the blog. We'll be right here waiting for you when you return. A summer baby in hot Egypt will definitely take up a lot of energy. I was thinking you were only in the first trimester....Mashallah that your due this summer and dealing with Egyptian craziness at the same time so well!

Inshallah, keep meeting nice sisters, they can help you when the baby is born to at least not cook for a month or two. Love you and congrats sweetie!

Empress Anisa said...

Lisa- yeah, the hubby stayed back to work and will be constantly travelling so this will be the normal life for us- him being mostly there in New York and here when things slow down... :(

This baby is due in between the birthdays of my boys which Little Papi day is the 14th and Big Papi is the 16th- so the 15th this one is due... everyone keeps asking HOW did I manage that one... just happened!

Yes, I've met soooo many sisters thru other sisters, all nice, MashaAllah, from all over the world! It's great to able to have a nice interantional mix just like home in New York- I'm ever so grateful to have met them all.

Egyptian craziness? It's the norm... and VERY scary. You do some across some sane, decent people but the masses are definitely a unique breed... no further comment on that!!!!!!!

I love you too, my sister, for the pleasure of Allah... and thanks for the congrats!

desertmonsoon said...

Wow, I have to say I admire you. I thought I was brave when I went off and got married in a different country, but at least I had him and his family there. I can't imagine going off with three little ones while also being pregnant! Has your husband come out there yet to see you all? Why did you move again?

I kind of like craziness to be honest.... it's one of the things i miss about Africa. Yeah it is frustrating at times but it makes life more interesting...

ModestJustice said...

You have strength and may Allah swt make your pregnancy easy and insha'allah everything will be smooth sailing from here! :D

And now they'll be ANOTHER cutie pie addition to your already adorable children (: masha'allah

Empress Anisa said...

Desert- well, Isaid I was coming for the sake of my little Mama to start her schooling and I didn't want to end up putting it off for another year since I found out I was preggers... not her fault, so the train kept moving! ;)

The hubby is not here yet- he will be just before the baby is born! Working like a madman back home so can't expect wads of money and for him to sit here with me too! I moved from the other flat because of my other non-paying tenants: roaches! Don't like em... can't live with em... so we had to part and go our ways- my paranoia is too great when it comes to these filthy creatures.

Waiting for you to come with the boys to visit!!! :)

Modest- yeah, I try to be strong and keep it all moving- even on the days I feel like I can crawl under my bed and NOT come out! But Alhumdulillah, I'm trying to make it and show the kids a good time as well. So I plan to waddle around this weekend to catch some sites... yes, waddle! But gotta do it before I can't make any sites because I'll be too huge and won't want to venture too far from home. This weekend's trip is about 1 1/2 hours away by car- so we have to make use of the upcoming weekends for the little ones because after this baby comes along, we won't be going anywhere! And not long after that, school will start for the both of them... Big Papi will go to school with his sister for baby classes... he's looking forward to riding the school bus.

Asiya said...

Anisah, I've heard so much about you from Umm Travis! I'm looking forward to meeting you sis! Inshaa Allaah it can happen soon!

I really admire you for your strength...and courage! Congratulations on the pregnancy, may Allaah make it easy for you and bring this one into the world healthy and bubbly, ameen.

What ages are your kids and what school did you register in?

Anisah said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy. Moving is hard. Moving so far away while being pregnant and hubby not there must be so hard. Take care of yourself.



Empress Anisa said...

Asiya- Yes, I've seen you comment on her blog and I know you two are close... she's a great sista,MashaAllah!

Thanks for the congrats... just trying to make it all work- InshaAllah.... my babies are the following ages: Hijabi Princess is 4 will be 5 in September, Big Papi is 2 and will be be 3 in August and Little Papi will be 1 in August, InshaAllah- the troops are all exactly 2 years apart. I liked Little Companions in Nasr City when I first started looking 2 years ago but I decided that was too far since she's so young and I knew I would be coming to Rehab to live. So on my trip here early last year, I visited Al Farouk and decided on that school since the program seemed okay and it wasn't too far. But my sista from England encouraged me to check out Al Andalus which I did... and I liked that one even better, MashaAllah! The sister who runs the kindergarten program is from England and friends with my friend and she explained the program and what they teach and how they teach- I especially liked that they use the Montessori method... so I enrolled the 2 of them there. It's a new school, just opened last year but the things I've heard from others have been positive so far.

Looking forward to catching up with you too- will do lunch one day soon, InshaAllah!

Empress Anisa said...

Anisah- yeah, sis... it's been very difficult at times- I wouldn't advise ANYONE to do what I did unless you're made of steel! :)

Thanks for the congrats... can't wait for some down time to take care of me! My Aunt should be coming from the States soon to stay for a couple of months- I need her desperately for when I go to the hospital to deliver and help out since school will start about 2-3 weeks after I'm due! Talk about chaos!!! ;)

Asiya said...

Anisah: Lunch sounds good inshaa Allaah! I've heard so much good about Andalus mashaa Allaah. Inshaa Allaah it'll be a good experience for you and your kids. My kids are at Al-Ghad Al-Moshreq...they are 8, 6, 4 and 2 (2 yo at home with me for now). Alhamdu lillaah we are very happy with their school mashaa Allaah.

Take care sis!

Hajar said...

I just realized you've totally gone mad! All this while I thought your husband is coming along with you and you're all cosy-cosy with your little darlings. I didn't know you have another coming~!!! Honestly, I'm beginning to worry for you. Sure, I know you're a super strong girl and all but ... I can't help but fear for you. The difficulties are multiplied alright. Gosh~! I'll make du'a for you and your family, to be safe and all. Please take good care of yourself.

Empress Anisa said...

Hajar- ya think I'm just totally mad??? Well, now that I look at things and people look at me after I explain my situation like I'm ready for the psych ward back home, I guess I could come off as someone with a few screws loose for doing what I did but I had to keep things on schedule with the kids and school- Hijabi Princess already missed one year since I wanted to put her in school when she turned 4 but I didn't have the time home to do it properly and cater to her needs since I was extremely busy finalizing this huge move.... the hubby IS coming but just a few weeks before the baby is due- such is life. Can't expect him to dump loads of cash in my lap when he gets here (:p and have him sit here with me and the kids right now so it was either one or the other! Yes, this next one is coming, Inshallah, in less than 3 months!!! It's going to be okay- now that I moved again to a nicer, more convenient location things are looking up- never mind the locals and their psychosis... I think I figured out exactly HOW to handle the extreme madness here. But PLEASE make dua for all of us- we definitely need it... love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Why have you done this? Just make sure you can get back out with your children when reality come crashing in. Really I am scared for you.

Empress Anisa said...

Anon- don't worry about me....when "reality" comes crashing in, there are several flights that leave this country on a daily basis.... it just as easy as packing my bags and heading for the airport! No biggie there... as with everything else, most things take time to work themselves out- so if it does, we stay.... if not, New York and America is always there for me to run back to!

But thanks for your concern... hmm, I feel I know you..... care to tell me???