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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Random things about me.... oh boy.........

Okay, I've been tagged by my wonderful sisters, Hijabee and Hajar so here's my imput for 10 random things about me:

1.) When talking, I HATE to have to repeat myself... an old pet peeve I can not let go of- I get irritated if I have to (also when you talk to people and they don't look at you... ugh!)

2.) I dislike very much when people call, let the answer machine pick up, and DON'T leave a message (then I have to check caller ID to see who it was = annoying)... I mean, what kind of psychotic thing is that?

3.) I don't like not being able to "handle" a situation... me, a definite total control freak!

4.) LOVE shopping... not so much for myself but for my babies and others especially when I know they like certain things- more like a "pleasant surprise" gift

5.) Dislike when things are out of order... meaning not in its proper place (always mumbling something about this to the hubby)

6.) Love to escape the city for the country (or even better, the ocean!)... green grass, wide open spaces and vast oceans is for me!

7.) Love to cook and have gatherings with my friends... food tends to relax most of us and I like to feed people... especially to be able to see them smile and laugh with their friends- I'm the definite party coordinator!

8.) I love to drive fast cars... had 1 or 2 of them growing up and I always thought I would race them on a track one day as a hobby (NOT!)(lol)

9.) People always put me "in charge" or hold me as some "authority" figure (yeah, right)... from the time I was old enough to REALLY know myself, this has been my role- always "You're smart, so we'll let Anisa take care of it!" or "They'll definitely listen to you, you tell them!" or "Let's ask Anisa to see what SHE says..." or the classic "I think they all scared of you, you do it..." ... hence one of my biggest roles in life

10.) I'm the usual "go to person" for just about everything... with living life, people have ALWAYS come to me as I've been "around" and know where to get just about anything under the sun (well, not really everything but you get the picture... lol)- always, "If anyone knows, Anisa knows..." hence one of my other bigger roles in life

Okay, so I tag the following sisters: a learning Muslimah, Beautiful Muslimah, Desert Monsoon, Desert Veil, Halal Honey, the Striving Muslimah and Thru My Muslim Eyes.


Mona said...

I also need to have the person I'm talking to look at me...Some will say what about the phone, well duh that's different, but I totally understand that one.

Empress Anisa said...

Yeah, ya know... especially when you get that ALOT- if you see I'm not home, then hang up, or wait to leave the message or anyone who knows me KNOW my cell phone is ALWAYS on- crazy people! lol

hijabee said...

For some reason, I'm not surprised at all by 3,9 and 10. I had a sense of that just by reading your blog, but 8 was a total shocker lool. And yeh, people who let the answering machine pick up and don't leave a message get on my nerves too!

Empress Anisa said...

Hijabee- isn't funny how we can figure people out just by their style of choice of words when writing? I mentioned that the other day on another post- if you want to figure someone out, if you can't be there to acccess their body lanuage, their writing will usually reveal who they are... that's how you usually can spot a faker- lol
Intrestingly enough, the things you wrote about yourself, most I would've NEVER figured... you're definitely different!

Empress Anisa said...

Hijabee- and the fast car thingy... yeah, I was sooo into it-my Toyota Celica and the chance to kick around Nissn 300Z... and I nearly gave my Mother a heart attack when I told her I was going to get my license for a motorcycle... wanted a Ninja so bad- now I'm just "hooked" on looking at Ducati's.... such a boy thing but I love it!
I'm an old Mom now so I either drive my Jeep or the minivan... need for speed- totally gone! lol

hijabee said...

Empress Anisa,
Really? I guess I can hide it well then... Don't even start with ducatis, my husband loves those, he just loves bikes, he wanted to get one... I told him, it's either me or the ducati in the house lol. For some reason I don't feel safe riding a bike, the only times I did it, I was scared for my life lol. What scares me is that there is nothing holding you on the bike, no seatbelt, nothing!

Empress Anisa said...

Hijabee- I guess you do hide it well as from judging from the way you present yourself: I don't picture you as a crier, or no sense or orientation or no closet management skills. You strike me as totally organized, strong-willed and not too emotional but the kind of person who does alot of inner reflecting when alone or in the middle of the night- like myself. I can see smiling and laughing at very thing but not clumsy! lol
I definitely see you as "what you see is what you get" as that is totally me- some have a serious love/hate affair with me because of that but hey, that's me- either they're a HUGE fan or friend or HATE the mere sight of me (she THINKS she's smart, too popular, too friendly... blah blah blah).

Empress Anisa said...

Oh yeah Hijabee, that's why I nearly made my Mom pass out as she kept telling me if I got into an accident, what would I have to pad me from getting so banged up? I said I'm a big girl- I'll just keep rollin..... she didn't think it was funny to say the least- I didn't bother :(

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

im already getting sick and tired of the people that come to others blogs to leave bad comments
i mean if u dont like the person
dont come to their blog end off
anyways nice blog sis
salaamz :)

Empress Anisa said...

Wa 'Alaikum Assalaam Naz- woah! you got you started? I know what you're saying though- since I posted that "Donations for Israel" one, I've gotten some real "ignorant donkey" comments to which I have elected not to post nor comment on- total waste of my time! * REJECT *

Empress Anisa said...

You know one of my biggest problem is checking what I write before I publish... tsk tsk!
Anyways, meant to say, who got you started... and thanks for the compliment- keep stopping by!

hijabee said...

Empress Anisa,
Lol, you'd be in for a shocker!I'm not organized at all when it comes to keeping things in order, that's a thing I'm learning though since now I'm married :) As far as being emotional, I guess you can't really see that side since even people who know me for years can't tell! I keep that side to myself but I know that deep down it's there. But you did get right the strong-willed part, and inner-reflecting, I do that a lot. I think my mind is always working, always thinking, reflecting on different issues! And we're definetely similar on the love/hate thing lol. I'd have to agree with your mum on the motorcycle, just the thought of it is scary :)

American Muslima Writer said...

I love the country / ocean too masha'Allah it's so peaceful.

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M.J. said...

lolll @ the "they're scared of you" i hate the caller id thing too btw :)

Empress Anisa said...

American Muslima- I know, the ocean scene is definitely a peaceful one, ahh.....
And thanks for adding me to the database- I will check it out!

M.J.- yeah, I don't know HOW much I get that one... all my life! I'm always like, "Hey, I'm the nicest person here!?"... but still, I'm pushed in the front to deliver the "harsh" or "unfavored" news and people aren't supposed to be upset cuz it came from me... why this is, I dunno! lol

Pixie said...

I am so happy you are a leader-type!!! All my bestest are leader types:D

Empress Anisa said...

Ms. Pixie Dixie- yeah, I'm a leader type person... always have been, not a great follower! ;)
Gotta learn to take the back seat sometimes though (always in the driver's seat!)... working on it

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-salamu-alaikum Sister Anisa,
I guess you got tired of tagging me - huh? Please don't give up on me! I just wrote a long post about blogging on topics other than fashion, I'd love your opinion. Please take a minute to read it and leave me your opinion.