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Looking to make contact with other Muslimahs who are like myself with small children living or will be living in a foreign country.

I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Barefoot Empress Boutique is OPEN!

Salaam Alaikum to my brothers and sisters and greetings to everyone else in the blog world... just wanted to give a "heads up" that the Barefoot Empress Boutique is now open for business on Facebook.

Been fiddling around with everything and I'm NOWHERE near finished with adding items to the store but I decided to open with what I had the chance to list.... it has been a long process! Between taking pics of everything, the home, the kids, the hubby, and now the Holy month of Ramadan has begun, I usually start my "night job" of creating item numbers and descriptions and uploading pics after the kids sleep up until Fajr... InshaAllah, the initial set up of anything can be painstaking and tedious in the beginning- such is life!

Soooooooo, if anyone is interested in giving my little shop a look-see, please feel free to do so... AND as an extra added bonus, if you click that you "LIKE" me, you'll receive a discount off your purchase.....

And I would like to hear what you think of the items listed.... honest feedback to give me a better idea what people may want... I bought all those goodies based on the area and people (and what appealed to me) but a store location and an online store could turn out to be two different things... so let me know.

Don't hesitate to buy something for yourself, your sisters, your sisters in Islam, your wife, husband, brother, kids, blah blah blah.... you get the idea...... :)

I also added a little do-hickey Facebook thingy on the side of this blog so you can click to "like" from this site or you can click on one of the pics to take you to the FB fan page photos..... which is great as you'll be able to see the close-up detail on all the clothing items.

Please refer my page to your friends and family, InshaAllah.... please remember me and make dua for me and my family... and my store, InshaAllah!

I said I was looking for something to do.... this JUST might be it!


Anonymous said...

As Salaam Alaikum Sis,

May Allah bless your business and make it a success ameen.

Empress Anisa said...

Wa alaikum assalaam, my sista.... InshaAllah, Ameen! <3

أم ترافيس said...

Yaaaaaay im going over there now!

Empress Anisa said...

Woooooo Hoooooo...... progress! :)

Anonymous said...

Mabrook on your new store!! Thanks for finding me! I left my name on the sisterhood blog so holler on FB!
Ramadan Kareen to you and your loved ones-

Empress Anisa said...

My dear Ummezaynub: Alhumdulillah.... glad to have been able to reach you!!! Will check the sisterhood blog now so look out for the request....

I look forward to speaking to you soon..... :)

Hijabee said...

I guess I have been living under a rock I didn't know your store was up. Congratulations and May Allah bless your business and reward your efforts.

Empress Anisa said...

Nah, doubt you been under a rock just busy with your little Mama, MashaAllah!

Thank you... and InshaAllah, Ameen!