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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why are women so.....

Actually, you could end that sentence with just about anything but I can't take women who are catty and just down right phoney.... they annoy me to no end- maybe because I'm older or maybe it's not having much tolerance for ignorance, who knows, but I don't have the stomach for most women. It's a sad thing to say but why are women this way? And it starts from so very young.... when I see young girls behave in this manner, I give them "the look" like you shouldn't act like you are right now and if I personally know them, I ask them, "What's going here? None of that garbage!" Yes, there are times when people (women) do things and we "share" the information with each other but you gotta know when to turn that stuff off- that's backbiting and usually a dose of slander thrown in for good measure.

Or those who want to be with you, associate with you, form an alliance with you to benefit themselves... pleeeze. Just how old are we anyway? Most act like children or young school girls- as that old song goes, "act your age, not your shoe size". Alot of people use to think I was "uppity" because when they start this same mess, I look at them like they have about 18 heads or walk away but I don't have time for gossip- my life is too busy for it and I don't need any extra sins, thank you. I gave that crap up when I was about 16... lol

Anyhoo, just observing a few things... it wasn't really worth talking about but some women can take you there.... and for those who don't have a plethora of knowledge, here's the dictionary definition of phoniness:


Main Entry: pho·ny

Variant(s): also pho·ney \ˈfō-nē\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): pho·ni·er; pho·ni·est
: not genuine or real: as a (1): intended to deceive or mislead (2): intended to defraud :
counterfeit b: arousing suspicion : probably dishonest c: having no basis in fact : fictitious d: false , sham e: making a false show: as (1): hypocritical (2): specious
— pho·ni·ly
\ˈfō-ni-lē\ adverb
— pho·ni·ness
\ˈfō-nē-nəs\ noun

Just wanted to put that out there... now I can get on with my day


Umm Travis said...



I can't say I am always mature, but one thing I NEVER did was gossip. Not like that anyway. I mean it is hard sometimes to not say, SERIOUSLY? when someone else is gossiping but I generally cant stand those kinds of ppl. I hear it happens a lot here too :(

*~Ange~* said...

i hate fake people.
the kind that only want to be friends for a certain reason are worse.

they dont have good intentions

Empress Anisa said...

Hey Ange... chicks (as I refer to them) to want to be friends because of the benefits... I usually drop em like they hot- I don't run in those kind of circles

Umm Trav- well, if that's the case there, than my circle of trust will remain ever so small and that's okay with me!

Halal Honey said...

I hate fake people too and I love this post! I find myself not hanging around many sisters cuz they just like to cause fitna. I don't have time for that, really.

"chicks (as I refer to them) to want to be friends because of the benefits... I usually drop em like they hot- I don't run in those kind of circles"

AHAHA! ("drop em like they hot") I agree w/you girl!:-)

Empress Anisa said...

Halal Honey dahling... yes, that's how Mama handles dat- they will make you wanna... and then I look, where's YOUR Islam?

You try to be the Muslimah you can but at times when the "evil one" invades the mind, you think about those pre-Islamic days and how you would've dealt with it then- they definitely don't wanna go there cuz the Empress definitely didn't play dat... and they get vex just because you don't want to be involved in the stupidness- yeah, okay... sista gurl... riiight...

Empress Anisa said...

Oops! forgot a vital word in my response- meaning you try to the best Muslimah you can but you know how people can make you "bent"

Halal Honey said...

Ahaha lol, your too cool Anisa girl!:) As you said, with some sisters we need to drop em' like they hot...especially cuz we don't wanna get caught up in a whole bunch of mess. Some women can be so triflin' these days..

Inspired Muslimah said...

LOL. Yeah thats pretty much the worst. I am not a gossiper either and I can spot those things in others quickly. The sad thing is the older I get, I still see it happening around. I just keep it moving! :D

hijabee said...

You've been tagged :)

Drop them like they're hot! lol I like that and I totally agree with your post :)

Empress Anisa said...

Inspired- I just keep moving too can't keep company with peeps like that!

Hijabee- you know most women, always got the claws out ready to tear another sista up... and usually for no reason (mainly out of pure jealousy)

Anonymous said...

You sure do call them, like you see them! Thank you for the advise of taking the higher road.........It actually feels pretty powerful to not fall prey to the crap that these women like to drop! :) How's that little man?