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I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Monday, November 3, 2008

In the spirit of entrepreneurship...

Greetings sisters!

I was sitting here toying with the idea of making a new batch of my brown sugar scrubs while the kids are busy and I thought it might be a nice idea if all you ladies (not only sisters read these blogs) who make items or provide a service that you feel the rest of us might be interested in utilizing, send me your business in the comments so I can post them... that way we can know what's available out there.

As for myself, I make all natural brown sugars scrubs and I offer organic bath salt scented with essential oils. My "flavors" on the scrubs: chocolate, coconut, lemon & poppy seed, coffee, golden goddess and ohsosexy empress! :-o

The bath salts are nice as well, they contain either lavender buds, rose petals or chamomile buds based upon the scent you select- great for those who have TIME to soak! Scents currently available are ocean, passion and calming.

I started my little side business while working... I am one in the masses of people who've been laid off- my office was the satellite location and due to a business restructure, we lost our jobs last year... but Alhumdulillah, I've been busy with this and added a new addition to the family! (Mashallah)

So send your comments- I'm interested in seeing what's out there... we can support each other!


Umm Travis said...

I dont make anything :( Would love to learn to do something though, it sounds really cool.

Also, be prepared to not find "normal" stuff here in Egypt. Or if u do find it, it costs an arm and a leg. Bring all your goodies with you.

Empress Anisa said...

Umm Travis-

Yes, it's something I started kicking around when I was pregnant with my daughter whose 4 now... fooled around with it off and on and then found the exact recipe to the perfect scrub thru trial and error.
Yes, I know "normal" stuff isn't the norm there... lol... that's why phone bill is crazy for international- always trying to find out what's there and what I need to bring. I'm thinking of trying to do a little side business when I get there- gotta pay that school tutition and tutors for myself and my daughter! Maybe you can help me locate an Arabic instructor- the Egyptian sister I knew there recently moved to Syria so I'm kinda stuck now- I know alot of them are not consistant with showing up as another sister who lives there has gone thru many of them- can't leave to take a class because of the little ones... let me know

Habayeb said...

oh wowwww! amazing business u have! and lovely skill too! and yeah im one of those persons who HAS time to soak ..hehe..but there are so many stuff in the market i dunno which or what to choose ya know....and wow urs is "homemade"..i wish i was living close by you to buy it! Keep it up!

Empress Anisa said...


I decided on the all-natural route when I started doing a little research on skin products... mainly a very popular baby wash while I was pregnant- couldn't believe the kind of stuff we slather on our skin! Don't wanna freak you out but here are a few quick ones: Urea- yes, it's URINE that has been filtered and supposedly sterilized.. check ur shampoos and yes, ALL the lotions! And everytime you see sodium lauryl or laurth sulfate, it's a chemical that makes foam or bubbles- cancer causing agent... check the back of everything including ur toothpaste! And polyquaterium with any number attached to the end of it- a highly known cancer causing agent.. check all washes including the baby ones and you'll see it! And to think we wash their heads with it and it's absorbed directly their "soft spot" and thru their thin skin. Not promoting any 1 brand but Burt Bees products are excellent- you won't find these things... for now! They were bought by the Clorox company so let's hope they keep all natural!
And yes, u want one of the best
"light" moisturizers? Extra virgin olive oil! That's what I use on the kids from day 1 and u won't even get a wrinkle! :-O

hijabee said...

Good luck with that business sister. Its always good to see sisters have their own business and be creative. May Allah make it easy inshallah

Habayeb said...

whoa! jazakallah for that info!!!! id love to see u do post on stuff on lotions, shampoos, body wahshes and stuff that are harmful since u know so much masha'allah!

Halal Honey said...

MashAllah! I've always wanted to start my own at home business:). I wish you much success with yours! I just looove buying bath and body products!:)

Nourah said...

I'm really into using natural thing on my hair and body too..nice to see that you are making a business out of it. If you market it right, insha'allah it should be a successful venture for you. Do you have a website where you sell your products?

Empress Anisa said...

Salaamz my sisters!

Nourah: Inshallah, I'm going to get back to trying to finish my site... with the last pregnancy, everything went on hold! Now, Mashallah, he's approaching 3 months and sleeping better so I can try to get back to business with putting one up. When I do, the website you can visit is when all is finished, I'll do a post on harmful agents in our shampoos, lotions, etc as requested by Habayeb and I'll list my site for those who are interested!
Thanks for reading!

muslimahh said...

Yes, please list your site! I use natural products on my face but not hair and body. I tried some organic shampoo but I DID NOT like it! But I'm always up to try something new!

Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

Assalamu 'alaykum sis, Masha'Allaah your products sound lush. I definitely prefer to use natural products on my skin, when I'm able to get hold of them.
Btw, how are you and your family? have you moved to Egypt yet? I hope all's going well for you insha Allaah.x