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Friday, October 31, 2008

Is there something wrong with Muslimahs blogging?

I just had to share this thought with all of you- I recently mentioned to someone my maybe new found hobby in blogging and the reaction was quite negative. The questions asked was "why would you want to share your life on the internet?" and "there are OTHER MUSLIMS doing this?????". Should blogging be only for the kaafir? They proceeded to skim the blog and with a look of utter disgust on their face, they said "Subhanallah...". Now, I'm definitely not a quiet nor shy person but I decided to take the non-argumentative way out and just said, "Wow..." You would've thought I talked about being intimate with my husband or worse committed shirk. Why can't sisters share with each other the things that make them laugh, cry, something they found funny, moving, family life, their kids, their jobs, their habits, pet peeves, shopping and the sorts? Is this haram?

We reach out to make a new friend, reconnect with old ones, jot down our thoughts for ourselves to look at or simply just want to share our world with others... is this so wrong?

Anyhoo, I'm not going to let this person get to me... I will record my thoughts for those who elect to read and for myself- it's like getting it all off your chest with the world as your audience... can't see what's sooo terrible about this.

The reaction caused me to look at blogs of other Muslimahs out there... and I found funny, serious, shoppers, home schoolers, newly married, co-wifes, etc. around this world and I added some of them to my list of blogs I will follow, Inshallah. And I see the sisters reach out to one another by leaving their comments... it made me smile. As long as your sisters keep blogging, I'll keep reading to know what's happening in the lives of my people out there.

And I'm not going to stop sharing my thoughts just because some people have issues... geesh!


Umm Travis said...

assalamu alaykum sister,

I dont think there is anything wrong and of course I didnt see any fatwa about it. The only probs I know about is 1) when men start commenting I have to shoo them away and 2) some women share details about their husband that he wouldnt want shown

Those are the two things I try to steer clear. As for the rest, I think some ppl need to open their mind.

ruralmuslimah said...

personally I find blogging sometimes my therapy, it has its uses, and I love reading blogs especially of reverts further ahead in their walk with Allah.

Empress Anisa said...

My sisters... thanks for the positive responses!
I say the same thing, I feel this is a good outlet to get things off your chest and share with those out there who are interested in reading and of course, as long as men don't reply, things can stay good and halal... free your mind and the rest will follow! lol

Habayeb said...

Salaam :)
Well someone had said to me too that blogging isnt that great....and that she wouldnt share her personal life over the net. Well to each his own! I find blogging to be way of dawah and to know other people's opinions and thoughts. Its a good way of connecting with ppl in the same situations as you.I dont mind brothers reading my blog or asking genuine questions about Islam (both muslim and christian brothers have asked me genuine Qs on islam) and as long as its respectful and modest i have no issues. However yeah, one should be careful of not over voicing their issues on political issues of one's country. Coz unfortunately, many ppl get arrested for expressing their opinions these days.

Other than that,lets just sit back, relax, blog away have fun!

Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

Assalamu alaykum sis, Masha'Allaah you've got a lovely blog.

I've recently had similar thoughts to you recently regarding blogging, ''am I doing anything wrong?'' etc... alhamdulillaah I have had support from sisters I know, who will come visit my blogs regularly and like to see it updated often.
I remind myself that I'm not blogging about anything too personal, or things which I feel I shouldn't be speaking about, I do have limits, but for me especially with my one blog mum of four, it's a place to record what we've done in homeschooling, something to look back on, and if the authorities ever want proof of our lessons etc.. also a place I can share funny little things my kids will come out with.
I love interacting with my sisters through my blog, and also I try not to spend too much time on my blog, to the extent where I would be neglecting other duties which are a priority.
As habayeb also mentioned, that she finds blogging to be a form of dawah, and I feel exactly the same, alot of good could come from it insha Allaah.
And Allaah knows best.

p.s sorry for getting carried away with my comment!

Empress Anisa said...

Umm Khadijah-

Alhumdulillah... I'm glad you're enjoying my entries! Yes, since I just started giving my input with this blog, I already told myself I would sit an enter a post only if the kids were busy, sleeping and the sorts- can't be sitting around sharing your life while the 2 year old is trying to make their own dinner! LOL
Mashallah, I've linked up with some nice sisters and I'm glad to have the opportunity to expand my circle of friends... come back as often as you can... and comment often- I love to read them.