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Looking to make contact with other Muslimahs who are like myself with small children living or will be living in a foreign country.

I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Salaam Alaikum, my dearest people...... and hello to everyone/anyone else reading my blurb... yeah, it's been a LOOOONG while since the Empress has passed through... I know, this action is called desertion or abandonment but I HAVE been busy! Six months worth of busy... on many different levels. And I must admit, a little lazy too with sitting down to actually type about life nowadays- as I have stated before, it's become toooo easy to keep up with family and friends on FB... I just type a few lines and hit that "share" button = life and/or thoughts sent!

So many things have happened in six months, Alhamdulillah, mostly all good so I don't where to exactly begin... there hasn't been anything "major" to report about... just keeping up the brood with the eldest two being in school- handling their studies and trying to keep them on track with all the have to do... it's amazing just how much work the wee ones get these days... my daughter will enter 2nd grade in the fall, and I must tell you, the work load from last year with ALL the textbooks was astounding!!!! But my Naughty Princess worked very diligently so she did well, thanks and praises be to Allah! And add to all that schoolwork, she and her brother have a Qur'an/Arabic teacher who comes to our home 3-4 times per week for 2 hours each session.... and she gives her a bunch of homework too each class!!! My daughter's school year ritual: off the bus, wash her hands, have a snack, within that hour span- in with tutor for 2 hours, dinner and homework simultaneously since the work load is unbelievable... so she can sleep by 8! Poor thing.... so my reward for her hard work? A nice little Princess party!!! I invited a bunch of little girls so they could all play "dress up" and eat and run around... complete with princess crowns and coloring books.... along with face painting and my favorite obsession, henna! They all had a blast and it appears all the Mommies had a good time as well.... :)

So, now, I'm prepping my third child for baby class for the fall... my big dilemma right now? Finding a good/safe/educationally sound preschool to enroll him in for the summer... I want to get him ready and used to the idea of not being with me or seeing me all day.... I don't want him to have a panic attack or start crying when the school year rolls around so I think this is a good time for my "shadow" to gain some more independence.... but all the best preschools have no space!!! So, what is a Mom to do when she's looking to make it happen for her kid? Call and play the "art of negotiation".... that's what all the smart Mommies try to do anyways... ha! What can I tell ya... you can take the girl outta New York.... ;)

There are many ideas/past passions lingering in my mind that I need to tie up, do something with but I don't know where to begin exactly... some has to do with writing (book and article writing) and the other stuff is centered around my brood.... my biggest problem is that living in Cairo, it's hard to find or get to the resources you need in order to be successful... some things we would find to be trivial back home is a BIG to-do here... and it sucks. Either people don't know, it doesn't exist here or it's insanely mega expensive to obtain.... I guess the mentality is, if you're smart enough to know about it or seek it out, you got the mula to pay for it..... :S

Now... will I promise like I have in the past to post on Fridays... nah, I can't make the commitment especially with summer being here... I'll be busy scooting the bigger kids to practices, Insha'Allah (gotta make them well-rounded) and back home in the afternoons for a jump start on next year's Arabic and keep up with their Qur'an lessons.... while I find and hopefully be "scooting" the third spawn back and forth to his summer session... somewhere.... which means I'll just have my Mini-me son at home, attached like glue to my lap...... :)

I hope these lines find all of you in the very best of everything.... and I will try to pop back in sooner than six months from now!!! Sending you all my warmest wishes...... be well!!!


American Muslima Writer said...

I enjoyed catching up in your life!
Sounds like life is adjusting to Egypt despite it's problems.
I think it's sad how much homeworks kids have most should be learned in the class but lets not get into MY pet peeve lol. Glad to see they are sounding well rounded and having fun. Love random parties and good for you to invite everyone.

Much Love from Dubai,
Brandy AMW

Empress Anisa said...

Hey Brandy!

Yes, life has finally adjusted here on every level.... it's taken awhile but we're comfortable and in a good medium with everything, Alhamdulillah!
Yes, these poor kids get TONS of work... and yes, I do know they bring it home as the teachers are too lazy to teach it AND some have no idea HOW to teach it which is a big problem here.... :S

The plan is to make them as well-rounded as possible, to give them what they're used to from back home... all work and no play make for miserable kids!!!!!

The party was great for the kids... and me too (sisters for mind stimulation- Disney Channel and Barney non-stop can do you in..... ha!!!)

Be well!!!