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Looking to make contact with other Muslimahs who are like myself with small children living or will be living in a foreign country.

I invite you to share the experience with us as we try to make this happen!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My henna addiction... and other stuff

Jumaa Mubarak everyone!

Just trying to keep my promise of stopping by to post a little something to let you know I'm still here- I think Fridays will be my posting day... a little more free time.

I'm here trying to decide on what's for lunch... what's for dinner.... and I want to become a little more active here since me and the hubby were discussing "the future" last night. It looks like for sure now we intend to make this place our home. So, I'm thinking about what I can do so I can feel like my old self again. Since I can't attend masjid here, there aren't any projects/gatherings or committees to join..... so what is a sister to do? Groups here come and go: people attend in droves then disappear for lack of interest, other commitments, family issues, moving back to their countries and the list goes on. I was trying to establish an Islamic clothing store here but the owner of the shop turned out to be a real jerk so I let the spot go... I'm not trying to create more of a headache for myself! They ARE a unique breed..... lol

So the idea is to maybe sell some stuff online and from another location here if I find a decent spot- hijabs, abayas, intimate apparel, a few thobes for men and boys and those prayer garments for girls which I see some people actually wear outside around here.... I invested in some quality stuff not garbage and I contacted one of my best girlfriend's who lives in Mecca and shipped some very nice (and different) clothing here... I have the need to do something so I think I'll see how this little venture goes....

Anyway, I gotta ask again: if any of you sisters here in Cairo are reading this, does anyone know of a GOOD henna artist??? I'm like really craving a nice henna job with REAL henna NOT black dye!!!!! If ya do, holla back at a sista.... all I can do around here is "ohhh" and "ahhh" over Ash Kumar designs.... his stuff you can get replicated in any decent henna salon home but here.... it's just a dream...... :)

Until next time.... take care, be good, stay positive and try to remember to make dua for your sisters!!!


Mona Z said...

InshaAllah that's a good idea, you can keep busy that way. I love the henna design in that pic!

Ihssan :) said...

I think selling clothing is a great idea! Alhamdulillah its nice that your family made the decision to settle there. My fathers family is from Sudan and I am desiring to go back sooo bad! :)

Empress Anisa said...

Mona: Yeah... gotta do something... I feel like I'm "just here"- NOT cool. And that design is one of Ash Kumar's.... the famous Bollywood artist!!!!

Ihssan: Thanks... yeah, something to make me busy and productive in a good way. I hope you get to go back soon!

Coffee Catholic said...

I love the hennah pics you find. They are lovely!

You could open an Islamic clothing and book shop... and being American, you could design abaya and hijab that incorporate a wee touch of Western styles. I haven't designed anything myself but I love to wear modified "old fashioned" styles with hijab, like this Regency style gown, but without puffed sleeves:
I have cotehardie dresses and kirtles with under-dresses from Fashions In Time as well.
I then wear hijab
and I also wear hijab with Western style hats! I bought this bonnet: ... only my bonnet has pink fabric.

(I'm serious! I wear all sorts of things and I don't care what people say lol)

There's a new company here called Masooma and I bought several of their jersey knit hijabs. So nice especially with Western style outfits. Her jilbabs are based on Western styles and so cool! With gored skirts and other styles worked in to the middle east design... love it!

I wonder if a mix of Middle Eastern with Western styles would sell? People love unique!

Empress Anisa said...

Coffee: Ya know.... that's not a bad idea with the designing thingy! I think I might give that another thought as I do have some ideas but I can't draw a straight line! I would have to get someone to sketch it for me... I'll run that one by the hubby!

I absolutely ADORE henna and this guy Ash Kumar, I fell in love with his work from the Bollywood movie, Devdas.... one of my favorites!

I will check out the links you sent and see where this thing takes me, InshaAllah... thanks for the input!

London Henna said...

It's a shame you're so far, I'm looking for more customers so I can save for uni inshallah but London's a bit too far from Cairo lol, I hope you find a nice henna artist, and the clothing sounds like a good idea mashallah.

When I reverted I was always looking for groups to join and meeting sisters, but nothing seems to be consistant Subhanallah..

Good luck on your quest x

Empress Anisa said...

London: How about every month you fly to me than I fly to you??? That gives me the chance to visit lovely London again (it's been AGES) and you can tour Cairo!!! Geesh, only in my wildest dreams could THIS happen... lol

Yes, I joined a few groups when I arrived here but as stated, people left for all the reasons I mentioned so it's hard to keep something going.

We'll see where this little clothing idea takes me... take care!

Hajar said...

Masha'Allah! The empress is back~!!! Alhamdulillah~!!! ^^ I'm ecstatic about your business venture. Hope everything works out!

Empress Anisa said...

My dearest Hajar: Luv ya!!!! InshaAllah, I feel motivated to do something more with myself.... to be ME from the days of old!!!! lol

Queen said...

salam sis sorry not been in contact, but things are not too good here, nice to have you back on the scene, please make dua for me.

أم ترافيس said...

assalamu alaykum sister Anisa, I have been thinking a lot about this post for a while now, and have been wanting to call, but I am just too tired these days to get up the effort, please forgive me, I know thats horrible! If I woulda just called I coulda saved some effort thinking. Anyways, I used to be part of the Rehab group last Ramadan, and I tried to do stuff with the sisters, but when I did, it was always HUUUUUUGE gatherings, which is cool sometimes, but the noise and kids just drove me bonkers. I am friends with a few foreign sisters and we get together now and then, but I find everyone (especially those married to Egyptians) get busy with their life and their kids and it is hard to get together regularly. So I kept busy with work, to the point of exhaustion alhumdullah but, I ended up making alot of money and going to Canada, then bringing my son here which is really what has helped me so much. However, during Ramadan, and especially after I KNOW I TOO need to DO SOMETHING but I dont know what. All the sisters I knew have left or are leaving, and the other sisters as I said, get busy with their families, and I just need to find something for me. So anyway, my point is, Im up for anything, let me know, I have a car inshaa Allah, I can help or do something, Allah knows what, but I want to be part of a community, and make my own family and life here too so I can survive and be happy.

So whatever, just thought Id pass that on, Im still here, and looking for change, so if u need help or have ideas, just holler :)

Empress Anisa said...

Queen: I'm sorry to hear things aren't well.... again... geesh. InshaAllah, my dear sister, I will remember you in my prayers. May Allah (SWT) lighten your burdens and place distance between you and those who seek to torture you... if you need to chat, I'm here. Kiss those babies and take care of you!!! <3 Smooches <3

Manar: I will definitely give you a buzz... I need to link up with some "smart" women- I have some ideas and trying to find out the details on certain things to see if I can make it happen here... problem with this place, people LOVE to send you around in circles.... we'll link up