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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mesmerized by the fab UAE lifestyle, aren't you???

Well, as we all know by now, I don't have much time to post lately.... and I really don't have much going on to post anything interesting but I did have the chance earlier today to sit down and read a few.... our brother over at One Root posted a mind-numbing story about the "real" lives over the in UAE. I know many people are sooooo fascinated by the sick wealth, glitz and glamour that most people especially alot of our Muslim brothers and sisters, can only talk about moving there... as if THAT place is the end-all, be-all.

If you read his post and STILL feel like you wanna pack your bags and go live amongst the masses in that desert oasis, then I personally feel you need some serious pyscho therapy... may Allah (SWT) bring relief to those suffering at the hands of their oppressors, InshaAllah (Ameen)

To read the stomach-churning post, click here


Habayeb said...

Sis, problems are everywhere and no place is perfect. Also, UAE isnt the perfect Islamic state either. However, many people around me know that i will defend this place however i can. Sure, i totally agree, im not a fan of the labor laws here and also admit there is racism, too much of westernization and lots more. Ive even blogged about it too long back. However im still firm on the stand that if one country has one problem which is to an extreme another country has another problem to an extreme. And please, dont think im blinded by the glitz and glamor of this place i was raised here and seen lotsa changes which i dont like but i still love my adopted home country no matter what. And many of my friends have migrated here and nope not coz of glamor. Every1 has their own choices and reasons for liking and not liking a country...if someone doesnt like UAE their choice and they sure have their own valid reasons, others like the place , their choice and have their own valid reasons.

Ameen to ur dua.There are NGOs here that help the laborers here.i pray more ppl living in UAE seek to help them and other expats in need more. Ameen.

Empress Anisa said...

Well, you know I knew this one was coming.... of course, EVERY place has their own issues- hell, I come from America where racism is alive and living all-too well.

But when you read that story, this type of thing isnt happening on a small scale- its huge.... can no one see whats happening or is it that most dont care? As long as their houses are being clean and IF they decide to pay the worker, all is good?

I would never tell anyone to dislike their own country- even their adopted country as there is NO perfect place on earth- even Mecca has some real serious issues which I talked about in a more distant post. I would never say I hate America as I am one and she will be mine to claim as long as I live but I also know too that I hate alot of things that go here against my people both ethnically and religiously...

Just like this country (America) was built on the backs of the African slaves and the Native Americans, the same thing is happening in modern day UAE- I know its your home but dont you find it grossly disturbing? And not like its a handful of people this is happening to... as you said to each it's own... but how can most people (those oppressing) sleep at night??? I think the REAL question is, does ANYONE fear Allah (SWT) these times??????????

Empress Anisa said...

Habayeb- I forgot to mention too that when I stated in the post that most can ONLY talk about moving there as I have seen Muslims talking about going there (women) and you can see the drool in the corner of their mouths whne they talk about going there and wearing those bejeweled abayas and walkign amongst the wealthy Emiratis- which I'm sure you didn't need to read the post to know that the majority of Emiratis abhor the foreigners and wish they weren't on their soil at all...

Habayeb said...

As i said, I "totally" agree with the problems of labors here and yes i "do" find it disgusting.Many people say that its due to the curse of the oppressed that there's so much of downfall in UAE and i wont be surprised if tht's true. And heck yes! ofcourse i know there are hundreds of laborers in trouble and thts why i said i pray residents of UAE dont ignore their plight and help them. I read in papers about them committing suicide!About the rulers of UAE, I pray they get hidayah. I pray Muslims would behave as they should as we all know what wealth does to people.

Candice said...

I read the article and it was really disturbing for me. Of course no place is perfect, but things need to be said! And even more in a case like this where the truth is not well known and almost impossible to get out. This facade needs to be broken for any real change to happen... I wish them the best...

Empress Anisa said...

Habayeb- yes, my sista, wealth ruins so many people... the only thing we can really do is pray to that those oppressing see the error of their ways and be more just to those who serve them, InshaAllah.

Candice- yes, it seems sooooo much is "swept under the rug" and hidden from those who flock to this desert paradise... no one can deny that it IS beautiful but at the expense of how many people?

These people's story MUST be told- and then maybe some real change will happen for the better- not just for the workers but for the environment as well....

Habayeb said...

Okay, i just read the post in its entirety and some things just dont make any sense.
Who does not get a jail term for running over someone? How do they know Indian guys just jump onto the road? I read many cases of accidents and other stuff where emiratis are involved and they are punished the same way they punish the expats. if it was the other way and an emirati guy ran over sum1 we would say "oh these people think the road belongs to them" and what.
About maids. The number of complaints from asian maids has considerably reduced. Why didnt they include the cases where the maids were at fault and also reports from maids that are happy with the families they work for?
And, who asks people to party all they want and spend in extravagance and then worry about their debts? People before going to any country need to learn and research the laws of debts. Ignorance isnt an excuse.
Plus, which country doesnt catch you for boozing too much? Although i wish they would stop selling alcohol here but hey, if i got caught driving while i was drunk..whose fault is it? MINE! Next thing i know i may run over someone astagfirullah.
About, "they keep themseleves to themselves" hell no! I have made so many emirati friends and theyre so friendly than u can imagine! I used to think the same too until i got to know them! I have many friends from the west and theyre always conversing with emiratis. Why cant just assume they keep themselves to themselves without their say in it!
About, environment..yes there might be alot of issues goin around but they are taking measures and steps to better the situation as much as they can.

The article definitely seems to be biased and has failed to get a balanced report of everything having everyone's say in it.

Empress Anisa said...

Habayeb- I cant answer for anything you've highlighted in your latest comment... you would definitely know way more about this than I. Can I suggest in all fairness, maybe you do a post and highlight (meaning link this story) and set the record straight... I have heard many of these complaints from others so I know the people highlighted are not the minute minority over there.

I'm sure there are workers there that are happy but the plight of what it seems like the masses overshadow the others... I look too your post if you elect to do one- everybody can see it from this standpoint and from an actual "outsider" (meaning not born there) perspective.

Empress Anisa said...

*Meant to say, I look forward to your post if you elect to do one... ;)

Candice said...

The people that go into debt -- they really should have educated themselves about the laws. Although it does seem like they got semi-screwed somewhere with the amount they were supposed to receive at the end of working there... Reading the entire article, we see it's mostly about the workers and there's no emphasis put on the debt problem, drinking, etc.

As much as we can hope that the Emiratis get it together for the rights of these fellow humans, it's really not enough to just wait and let it happen. The more people read stories like this, the more things can change.

ipv6 said...

We are talking in general term here, so nobody never assert each and every employer in UAE is nothing but crook and evil, there's also, of course a good one who values the human being and honest and respect the contract just like in other part of the world.

But then, even there's just a handfull contractor is cheating and dishonest, the people working under them is huge, This is Dubai everything is huge and grand scale and races the deadline hence need a massive lobors.

Go factor it with a few more employer, if it's become the order of the days. And we know that the corporate world is greedy lots and care much on their bottom lines and do their best to maximize the profit. So it's the duty of the the government to prevent the such abuse from happening left alone became widespread.

This people are desperate, they have been conned and most of them never aware about their rights, even if they knew there's nothing much they can do when the autority kept blind eyes on such reports. What? What else can they do when their pasport been taken away frm them?They can alway quit huh?easy to say but without the pasport you are nothing but illegal alien and don't forget they still need to repay the huge debts back home(they borrow heavily just to secure this job remember?).

This is not new, it's been on the news since 2006 yet still nothing much change. So if that anybody dare to say say everbody is happy? Everyone but the slaves.

With the respect of the number of complaints from asian maids has considerably reduced, well sometime, as anything in the world the numbers doesn't translated into a reduction in abuse really. There's many ways that the statictic became decline over the years, the employer can always prevent contact from the outside world, even if the maid managed to report such abuse, what else can they do when the police/authority don't take action?, and you don't think the empolyer will peep in the cheek when they know about the report dont you?

So, dO you still bother to complain??

NGO can never replace the government body, if it's so easy than the problem in the whole world could be solve overnight. But it's not. There's must be a stern action from the government. The autority must enforce the laws, not just sitting and look good on the paper only.

As for the government, don't be so arrogant and ignorant, come the god send calamity such as earthquake long enough, your's billions dollar palm island foundation will dissolve and wash away just like the sand castle on the beaces really. And we know the prayers from such people who's been treat with cruelty will be granted by Allah SWT easily. It's may not hapening in the near future but let not forget that Allah never forget nor bigot..

I know there a lot trouble over there right now and there's more to come for sure as global recession showing it ugly faces, and I know they are not prepare for this in their master planning for sure. Perhap their well paid consultants never taught much about this I reckon, sigh.

ModestJustice said...

I know I'll come off as ignorant and going only on what little I know, which I am but I thank God for the country I'm in now.

It may happen to be America, but with all the reading I've been doing about other nations, I still thank God with the life I have. Although I may not have much, it could be worse right?

Where else could I wear whatever the hell I want (being Islamically appropriate of course) and be able to drive a car? To openly ask a person of the opposite gender a question without being called a whore or thrown in jail.

It may be the whims of youth that push me to say such silly things, but for now, I'm happy with where I am and how I being a muslim in the West can truly coincide.

I deal with racism and prejudice all the time but I know that if I ever have my salary not paid I will sue my employers a** in court and know that I would win.

-ModestJustice out :D

Empress Anisa said...

Modest- you definitely didn't come off to me as ignorant as I feel America with her issues, is still a place where we are free to practice our religion- you get some stupidity but you'll get that in alot of places... even here in Cairo with those who feel you may "be extreme".

Being a Muslim in the West can truly coincide for sure- and when some reach a stage like me, with the desire of wanting to put your kids in a more "Islamic environment", you have the option to seek out an Islamic country... let it be own as we all pretty much know already, there IS NO perfect place and even these so-called Islamic countries have plenty of issues in regards to the religious aspects (everything else aside) but if someone one like me who have children and want to expose them to life as a Muslim on a daily basis (meaning not just seeing sisters in abayas and niqab at Friday prayers only or at our next girly get-together) then you have the option of choosing your poison.... but I also know if I couldn't take the rigors of this country, I'm totally free to pack my bags and go HOME.

Habayeb said...

lol where am i "complaining"? And all that "dont be arrogant and ignorant" Ya Allah, people just dont get it that living here i "see" first hand how workers are treated here and heck from my own country. Besides, im not the only one who has a few issues with the article regarding certain stuff i mentioned.Nobody is debating the issue of how the workers are treated! Nobody is brushing them off! Please read carefully. Sure the govt could tweak the report but Allahu A'lam! If its true that the complaints have reduced at least that's a step. Err "my" billion dollar palm? again, please read from the beginning :)

Anyway, my last comment on this post. I pray the oppressors are brought to the right path and see what they're doing.

Also, Sis Anisa, you mentioned in your latest post how "nobody" wants to talk about it. That's not true ya know :)

Empress Anisa said...

Habayeb- Mami.... my sista... when I said nobody want to talk about it meaning from what I have read and people I know who live there (as mentioned before my MIL and basically her entire side of family and my BIL)- in NO WAY wa I referring to you- I hope you would've known that without me saying... it's not personal.

Again, I think the only way to shed equal light on the issue would be to hear (actually read) the views from someone who lives there and is able to see it first hand- I can only by the reports I read and what I hear from those who I know that live in Dubai, Abu Dabi and Sharjah... shed some new light, my sista, please!

Don't EVER take it personal, okay? As that is not my intention to offend nor incite but bring to the forefront the issues of those being oppressed.
If I have in fact, insulted you, please forgive me but as I said don't take it personal- it's about the evil doers and lack of govt intervention not about your home per se, okay? love ya..... ;p

Habayeb said...

LOL when u said Mami..i actually imagined you saying it! hehe no dear i understand what you mean. Its just this world of net can be problematic sometimes where, what one types may not be interpreted the way the person meant it to be. love ya too!

ipv6 said...

As for the government, don't be so arrogant and ignorant, come the god send calamity such as earthquake long enough, your's billions dollar palm island foundation will dissolve and wash away just like the sand castle on the beaces really.uh-huh, am refering to those in the corridor of power. It's true that the foundation wouldn't withstand such earthquake. No need to ask the dutch expert,as anyone with a fair grasp of science could spell the disaster too.